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The Experience & Knowledge Your Broker Should Have

Saddle River Capital Management LLC provides employers with a broker benefits team that is dedicated to serving the needs of your business. Our veteran professionals are able to guide you through any issue and provide a number of unique services or solutions based on your specific needs.

We Are Not Your Average Employee Benefits Broker

The team at Saddle River Capital Management LLC understands the importance of knowing how your business works. This approach allows us to meet your needs and deliver results you can’t get from other benefits brokers. We are always available to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Providing the Support Your Business Needs

Saddle River Capital Management LLC focuses on collaborating with you to move your benefits program in a positive direction and improve your business as a whole. Our relationships enable us to deliver quality service and resources that are tailored to achieve your goals.

Saddle River Capital Management LLC is committed to helping our clients remain compliant with the latest updates to the ACA mandate as well as HR legislation. Throughout the year, we provide you with compliance bulletins that simplify even the most complex topics. Our monthly newsletter consolidates these resources into one location along with at least five informative articles produced by HR specialists.