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6 Ways Women Business Owners Can Keep Their Finances in Check

March 15, 2021

Becoming a business owner requires a certain set of skills. But navigating your company’s finances isn’t the only necessary step in being a savvy business owner. Keeping your own accounts in check is also crucial for your long-term success. Here are six ways to keep your finances in check.

Start with a Budget

Women-owned businesses are on the fast track toward more growth and revenue. But more cash flow doesn’t necessarily mean your finances are solid. Knowing how to budget for both your business and personal accounts can help your company stay in the black and protect your individual worth. Develop a business budget you can work with – including paying yourself to a separate account – and stick to it. NerdWallet outlines a handful of personal budgeting options you can try. From a 50/30/20 system to setting aside cash for bills in different envelopes, there are plenty of ways to ensure your finances remain healthy.

Reduce Your Spending

Along with budgeting, reducing your spending can help create a buffer in your finances. Incorporating some saving strategies into your budget can help the dollars add up. Steps like transferring your cash to high-yield bank accounts, taking advantage of free services, and reducing your energy usage can help you save even more money. Cutting down on business expenses also helps reduce overhead and makes your company more profitable. Whether it’s trimming down your staff or hyper-targeting your inventory levels, taking steps to lower overhead costs is an advantageous business ownership move.

Build Your Assets

Building up your personal assets can help keep you going even when your business experiences a slowdown. For example, saving up to buy a house could make homeownership a reality sooner than you anticipate. Over time, owning property helps boost your net worth and creates financial security. Navigating a home purchase requires some effort, however. You’ll need to find out what you can comfortably afford, track down a reliable agent, and obtain pre-approval before you begin house shopping.

Consider Investments

While investing isn’t for everyone, it can help you spread and scale your wealth. Women should invest, says The Simple Dollar, because investments can enhance financial equality and even help pad your retirement. You can start small with low-risk portfolio elements, but as you learn, you’ll begin feeling more confident in your investments. Before investing, it’s ideal that you speak with a qualified financial advisor at Saddle River Capital Management.

Track Your Credit

When it comes to financial solvency, maintaining solid credit is a must. Using credit cards wisely is the first step toward ensuring you don’t rack up too much debt. Paying off your balance before interest accrues and financing big-ticket items for your business or personal use are helpful ways to develop better credit while keeping expenses low. As Experian explains, you can also build credit by spacing out your credit applications for cards, accounts, or loans.

Get Smart About Loans

If your business needs financial support, you might find it challenging to make ends meet or stick to a budget. Small business funding programs can provide the support you need while you grow your business. From grants to surety bonds to basic loans, the Small Business Administration offers a range of services to support your company. You can also pursue private funding for your company through specialized grant programs.

Financial acuity is a building block toward successful business ownership. But both your personal and company accounts benefit from a strategic and targeted approach to money management. With these solutions in mind, you can improve your financial standing and feel more confident about your future.