Retirement Planning

Sophisticated retirement planning is about covering risk.

At SRCM, we don’t develop a plan for you, sell you securities, and move on to the next client.

Our plans are detailed and comprehensive; they examine what risks you have, and how to cover those risks. But we know that no plan is better than its assumptions. Our assumptions are that your life, goals, and requirements change – and that the market changes.

Thus, at SRCM, we recommend that your plan be up-dated periodically, as appropriate. And up-dated in partnership with you: We unite knowledge of the economic and financial markets and marketplace with your knowledge of your changing goals, circumstances, and expectations so that your plan is always current – and always real-world.

SRCM can customize portfolios for you, choose and manage your investments in-house, or act as an independent fee-only advisor without investing for you.

Here are some details you need to consider for a successful retirement plan

Approach retirement with a feeling of confidence

You need a plan to handle the key risks to a financially secure retirement

  • Longevity
  • Inflation
  • Investment asset allocation
  • Excess withdrawal
  • Healthcare expenses

Steps to a workable retirement plan

  • Envision the life style you want
  • Identify your retirement expenses
  • Review assets and income
  • Compare retirement expenses to income
  • Allocate your investment portfolio appropriately to meet your retirement income needs
  • Design your investment portfolio to minimize risks
  • Monitor your plan regularly
  • Let us help you-contact us for more information on our comprehensive retirement/financial plan

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