Investment Management(1)

Investment Management

  • Individualized portfolio design and management
  • Goal-consistently meet or exceed benchmarks
  • Active index style of investing
  • Life style/risk oriented portfolios
  • Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios – broad experience and successful track record

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a hybrid security that combines the best features of stocks with the advantages of mutual funds.

Each Exchange Traded Fund owns a basket of securities in a specific market index.

For example:

Style: largecap value, midcap growth, etc.

  • Sector: healthcare, consumer staples, etc.
  • An industry: biotech, REIT, etc.
  • Fixed income: inflation protected treasury, short term treasury, etc.
  • International: Germany, Japan, China, etc.
  • Commodities: gold, silver, etc.

ETFs are bought and sold on the major exchanges.