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Expatriate Financial Services

The Expat Wealth Management service aims to assist expats in complying with US tax regulations in investment management, retirement planning, college planning, insurance, and estate planning via exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

About Us

Saddle River Capital Management was established in 2000 to service clients from our main office in New Jersey and has now expanded to include many clients from all parts of the globe, especially Australia. Our objective is to provide easy reliable and economical access to high quality professional and financial services in the United States. We have seen at first hand how many senior executives have struggled with matters that are easy to fix with the right contacts and information. These are generally personal matters which cannot be solved by government consulates.

We simply ask that you pass the ball to us and allow us to help you find appropriate solutions.

Our principal business is financial services which means we have to solve many immediate and personal/family issues for our clients before they can move forward. Our range of contacts in accounting, tax, law, insurance and real estate extends over all States and is based on our own personal and direct experience with other professionals with whom we engage.

Tax issues and especially superannuation and retirement accounts are complicated. There is no need to be alarmed about tax outcomes, however, certain rules must be followed to avoid penalties. We know the rules and the people who can execute effectively on your behalf. We receive countless inquiries from all over the world, which tells us that we are being referred by an ever growing band of clients who rely on our professional services.

We do not receive payment from anyone within our network. Payment for our services is transparent, economical, competitive and above all professional.

To learn more about Saddle River Capital and our Expat Services Contact Us for more information.